King of Angolmois (angolmois_king) wrote,
King of Angolmois

Take your time.

Tactical, you are able to take your time and plan
an attack strategy against other AC's. You are
normally mild-mannered, but you can adjust your
style of combat easily and never let your
emotions get in the way of your strategy. You
probably prefer to pilot an all-purpose, well
rounded AC, but your tactics may require you to
take your time, and therefore would prefer
sniper rifles and misisles to keep your enemy
far away. You probably do well against the
Quick-Fire group, as your tactics will defeat
their repetitive stlye of hit-and-run, but you
are probably less likely to win against
Aggressive opponents who get in your face and
interfere with your strategy. In a mission
situation, you would take your time and destroy
only your enemies, but you would prefer to
avoid collateral damage along the way. Outside
of combat, you treat your opponents like
everyone else, but once you enter that Arena,
they become victims to your superior skills!

What Arena strategy are you? (Armored Core)
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...This is how I handle myself in most anything. XD
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