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'Our land.'

Hm, went to see Hero last night. It was really good, I'm surprised the reviews were so down on it. I think I'll go see Shaun of the dead next time I'm free, too... Come to think of it, I'll have the week after next off, won't I? :D LAZY TIME GONNA WASTE TIME ON GAMES >_>;;

I need to start packing my stuff, looks like the move isn't too far off now.
Man, I'm really going to miss New York. Not to mention all of my friends here.
At the same time, I'm really kinda excited to go somewhere new! It may be a
lot of fun!

...I guess tomorrow I'll call some of the people I've been out of contact with,
and square things away with 'em. I figure I might as well leave things on  good note... Hey, what am I saying? It's not like I don't plan to come back every now and again. I make it sound like I've been exiled. XDDD
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