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"As a representative of Net-Slum, I greet you: Welcome to paradise." *smiles*

Are you a Seme or Uke?

Seme or Uke? Whatever, as long as we're having fun I dun care. XD;
I'm the adventurous sort, or to be more specific, the kind that does not
get to focused on the details. In short? An idiot. XDDD

...In other news, STAR OCEAN 3 WILL BE MINE tomorrow, provided I wake up early enough... I have the next day off, so it's all good. I wonder if one of my friends wanna go see a movie friday? I'm itchin' to see Hero... >_> I haven't heard any reviews, tho'... that's never good... Ah well! I'll go see it anyways! :D
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