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I am such a badass. XDDD

Your Final Fantasy Life by Hour_of_Scarlet
Your FaceYour skin is rough, your eyes are dark, and the scar across your face makes you badass.
Your HairYou have beautiful, long, black hair.
Your Body StructureYou have the perfect mix between a masculine and feminine bone structure.
Your ClothingYou wear a cape, and a fancy hat.
Your WeaponYou fight with moving dolls. That's just creepy.
Your Special AbilitiesYou can throw things at people. Somehow, this is seen as a skill.
Your PersonalityYou've got that glow about you. That demonic one that everyone wishes they had.
Your Best FriendYou don't have a best friend. You're a loner.
Your BackroundYou're a poor slum child, and you're going to bring down the corrupt government!
Good or BadYou're the biggest baddy of them all!
Gil Amount7,705,496
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